What the Heck is PotDot Networking?

PotDot is our New Initiative to Make Networking Easier!

Despite running a networking group for 8 years, I can still dread the idea of attending networking events. That moment when you walk in the door and realise you know no-one!

At WDF we got around that one by networking sitting down, of course it worked but it didn’t increase our skills for “working the room” at normal networking events. So hopefully it will be PotDot to the rescue for those of you, like me, for whom this skill doesn’t come naturally!

When you arrive at a PotDot event you will be offered the choice of 3 colours of Dots to add to your name badge: –

Green = I love networking, I’m here to help others

Amber = I’m Ok at networking but wouldn’t say I’m a natural

Red = I’m completely new OR I hate it and don’t know why am I here?

Everyone’s job is to make sure no Red’s are ever left on their own. Greens will take a leading role in helping other work the room with instructions from Michelle Johansen or other facilitator at the event.

Ambers will be given some tasks too, to help stretch their skills, but nothing too overwhelming!

We will also learn guiding principles on open and closed groups, how to ask to join a group, how to move on and meet other people. And we will have a bell to indicate when it’s time to move on and find some new connections.

There will also be other Dot colours but we will vary what these are for and what to do with them on the day!

Making networking more enjoyable was one of the primary missions of WDF and we want to carry on that tradition at Female Potential.

However our mission at Female Potential is also to help you unlock more of your Potential by doing things that were previously outside your comfort zones.

PotDot is designed to help you expand your networking comfort zones.





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