Welcome to Female Potential

As I write this welcome message, I find myself excited and nervous in equal measure!

Female Potential is launching after 9 months of soul searching, researching, beach breakfasting, sea swimming and digging deep.

In doing so I am attempting to set out on the new website an offer to appeal to all ages, career and life stages but one gender – women.

I have long been passionate about working with women to help release more of our potential and have spent the past 10 years experimenting with how to do that.

Some times with more success than others!

Have I got it right this time? Who knows?

All I can do is put out this offer and see who resonates with me.

My invitation to you is to explore our website, listen to the Podcasts, click on the video links, read some of the articles, come to an event and maybe even sign up to one of our coaching and development offers!

Female Potential will always be a work in progress, an exploration, an experiment so do please feel free to join in helping shape things as we go along.

Female Potential is a vehicle for my coaching and development business and also an outlet for my continued community work.

I will be aiming to earn a modest living through my work but will give my time free to the podcasting as tackling controversial topics and having the podcasts widely available is more important to me than trying to make money from it.


Podcasts will be free to listen
Advert and sponsor free
Available on your usual Podcast platforms

If you’ve never listened to a Podcast before but own a Smart Phone then: –

Go to the Podcast App on your phone (usually there as standard)
Turn on mobile data for Podcasts in Settings (if it’s not on already)
Search – Female Potential
Look out for our eye logo
Click subscribe, download and listen
If you like what you hear please rate and share too 

The aim of podcasting is to use this platform to continue the work started by WDF to raise issues pertinent to women in the workplace, but reach a wider audience and in particular a millennial audience who tend to be avid listeners to Podcasts.

We will cover both corporate and decidedly non-corporate subjects under the local women, global issues strapline.

As we did at WDF we want to raise topics no-one else seems to be talking about in the public space in Guernsey.

Podcasts are great for multi-tasking – you can listen while you exercise, drive, get ready for work, do chores or shop. No need to set aside 2 hours at lunchtime to attend an event!


The Female Potential concept is not about membership but about creating community.

A community of like-minded souls who come together at various times, in various ways to help each other discover and release more of their collective potential.

Networking Events

The aim of Female Potential events will be to create networking opportunities but with a difference!

We will still hold space for you to meet others in a pleasant and enjoyable way but this time while trying out an eclectic range of different activities – some more corporate sounding than others!

But the non-corporate sounding ones will all have a well-being focus, so we hope the more enlightened employers will support their staff coming to these too, while keeping prices at a level where those who want to come can afford to do so.

If you would like to collaborate with us to co-host an event through the platform, do please get in touch at michelle@femalepotential.co.uk

Coaching and Development Packages

The Coaching and Development Pods will be offered on a two tier price structure for both companies and a discounted rate for those paying themselves.

All Coaching Sessions and Development Pods are bookable and payable online!

We will start by offering: –

2 free Test Pod evenings for you to try out the concept
“The 3 Keys to Unlock your Potential” Development Pod will commence in June
The “Leadership Potential” Development Pod will commence in the Autumn.

For all the other subjects, please take a look on the website and if you like the sound of one, then please use the button to register your interest.

We will launch these after the summer according to the level of interest.

All Pods will take place in the evenings from 6 – 8 unless there is sufficient interest to run lunchtime Pods, so do please specify that in your email too.

In Conclusion

In Launching Female Potential I am attempting to bring all my identities together in one place.

I will no longer operate under separate banners, and importantly for me personally, will no longer have one face for my corporate work and another for my private clients.

And this is why I’m both excited and nervous in equal measure!

In revealing my views and ideas on the Podcasts and the Blogs it feels like some of the masks I have spent a lifetime putting in place are being shed.

In daring to step forward and reveal more of my alternative side, I feel the fear of being rejected as too weird.

But I also feel strongly that if I am to lead an organisation called Female Potential, an organisation that advocates – our potential resides in the parts of us we don’t yet know – that I have to lead by example and stretch past my comfort zone out into the unknown.

I hope that some of you will join me on this new adventure.


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Comments (12)

Katherine Torode

Good luck with the new format ! Looking forward to it.


Thanks Katherine – really glad you like it!

Michelle Stevenson

Loving the website Michelle. You will be sorely missed in Jersey. I wish you every sucesss with Female Potential. Michelle Stevenson Jersey


Thanks Michelle – much appreciated

This is like a feast for bringing together all those aspects of our potential that we’ve either had to hide away or ignore. It’s like you’re offering us much needed tools and ways to connect on a deeper level. It’s awesome, Michelle!!


Thanks so much Chris – it really does feel like I have put myself out there with this offer. So feeling all a bit naked today, but in a good way if that makes sense? x

Good Luck Michelle, this is a remarkable and brave step. I am really looking forward to being part of it!


Thanks Maxime really hope you like what we have in store over the coming months.

Love the sound of the weird and alternative Michelle, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this weirdness! See you at an event soon hopefully x


Haha – thanks Tina 🙂 The lines between normal and weirdness have now got so blurred for me I’m not so sure what other people will consider weird anymore! Thankfully we have some great role models around like Nessi Gomes with her sound baths – will hopefully make our planned Gong Bath workshop sound much more mainstream!

I’ve enjoyed exploring your new website today for the first time. Great work Michelle! It’s been a privilege to join you on a few of the walks in which you’ve been thinking through some of the development of this new venture. look forward to keeping in touch and participating when I can be in the right place at the right time!


Thanks Bridget always so useful to have you to bounce ideas off, especially when the sun shines! FP is just getting going so hopefully plenty more ideas in the future and the need for some “radical candour” 🙂

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