Employer Sponsored Coaching

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Employer Sponsored Coaching

£0.00 90 minutes

Please use this link to book your prepaid employer sponsored coaching sessions only.

Michelle offers prepaid blocks of 5 or 8 sessions payable in advance on invoice. The price per session is dependent on the client requirements, organisational sector and size. Please email michelle@femalepotential.co.uk to find out more.

Often described as “Executive Coaching” because those in the executive grades are the ones most likely to be offered employer sponsored coaching.

Coaching packages include an optional pre-meeting with the line manager and review of 360 / psychometric reports plus personality typing data. If no such data exists Michelle will offer a personality typing assessment to support the coaching assignment.

Clear coaching objectives are set at the outset of the process with both the coachee and organisation.

The price for employer sponsored coaching varies according the client requirements and size of the organisation. Discounts are offered for private companies, public and third sector.  Please email michelle@femalepotential.co.uk to book or find out more.

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