Female Potential – In a Nutshell

Michelle Johansen is the Pioneer behind Female Potential, she offers Coaching, Development Pods, Networking Events and Podcasts through this platform.

Once Female Potential’s voice and vibe is established, she will look to co-create and co-host more events and workshops with others to form a collaborative community platform for like-minded women.


Female Potential’s Mission

To proudly stand for feminine values such as love, compassion, inclusivity and nurture, to encourage us all to live from them more in our working lives.

To bring our whole selves to work not just our best selves. Our greatest talents often spring from wounds and quirks, we just need to learn to channel them.

To create safe enough space for women to dare to explore unknown parts of themselves and who they have the potential to become.

To help us all grow ever more comfortable in our own skins, reconnecting with our own heart’s desire, passion and purpose.

To help women do the inner-work necessary for them to then change the systems in which they operate.

To blur the lines between the “corporate” and “alternative” worlds, in service of the above integration.

To laugh, have fun and collect relationships, not business cards!

Who are Female Potential’s target market?


No women is too young, too old, too junior or too senior to attend Female Potential events.

We believe we can all learn from each other by networking and learning together as equals.

Modern feminism must include men, but as we learned at WDF including men changes the dynamic in the room.

So at Female Potential women work together to create a safe enough space for them to go deep, have fun and explore.



Michelle Johansen is a Professional Certified Coach with thousands of hours experience gained over the past 11 years, with women and men from all walks of life.

She was previously a senior executive in the finance industry and has explored all manner of alternative therapeutic modalities in her own personal development journey.

Michelle offers Taster Sessions to try out her Coaching services, which include One-to-One Coaching, Employer Sponsored Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Voice Dialogue Sessions.

Coaching prices, booking slots and online payments are all available from this website.


Development Pods

Female Potential’s signature offers are “Development Pods”

The opportunity for small groups of 5 – 8 women to work together on a specific theme over a series of 2 hour sessions conducted over a number of weeks.

Subjects available include: – 3 Keys to Unlocking Potential, The Leadership Pod, Exploring Intuition, The Resilience Workout, Mindful Drinking, Public Speaking and Creating Sustainable Change

Pod prices are offered on a two tier structure, one price for companies and a discounted rate for those paying themselves.

Featured Pods will be advertised through the newsletter, bookable and payable online or by invoice.

If you like the sound of one of the other topics not currently on offer, please use the button to register your interest.

We will launch future Pods in accordance with the level of interest.



Podcasting through Female Potential is a way to use this platform to continue the work started by WDF to raise issues pertinent to women.

The Female Potential Podcast covers both corporate and decidedly non-corporate subjects under the “local women, global issues” strapline.

As we did at WDF we want to raise topics no-one else seems to be talking about in the public space in Guernsey.

Pod casts are free to listen. Advert and sponsor free. Available on your usual Podcast platforms.

If you have an idea for a Podcast and/or want to feature in one please contact michelle@femalepotential.co.uk 


The Female Potential concept is not about membership but about creating community.

A community of like-minded souls who come together at various times, in various ways to help each other discover and release more of their collective potential.

Networking Events

Female Potential Events will be designed to create networking opportunities but with a difference!

We hold space for you to meet others in a pleasant and enjoyable way while trying out an eclectic range of different activities – some more corporate sounding than others!

The non-corporate sounding ones will all have a well-being focus, so we hope more enlightened employers will support their staff coming to these too, while keeping prices at a level where those who want to come can afford to do so.

If you would like to collaborate with us to co-host an event through the platform, do please get in touch at michelle@femalepotential.co.uk


In Conclusion

In launching Female Potential, Michelle is bringing her previous identities forged through WDF, Johansen and her own personal development work together in one place.

In doing so she will be revealing more of her own views and ideas through the Podcasts and Blogs, stepping out from behind some of the masks she spent a lifetime putting in place.

“If I am to lead an organisation called Female Potential, an organisation that advocates – our potential resides in the parts of us we don’t yet know – then I have to lead by example and stretch past my comfort zone out into the unknown.

I’d love for you to join me as I continue this ongoing exploration.”

Michelle Johansen

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