The Enneagram

noun: enneagram
1. a system of classifying personality types that is based on a nine-pointed figure  within a circle in which each of the nine points represents a personality type and its psychological motivations (such as the need to be right or helpful) influencing a person’s emotions, attitudes, and behaviour

“The Enneagram reveals just how different we are. And that’s a great advantage for Leaders.” -Michael Hyatt

Understanding Yourself and Others with the Enneagram

The Enneagram is the single most effective personality typology for helping you understand what drives your default behaviour and in so doing points the way towards freedom from these patterns and personal growth

Price £325 for 10 hours CPD

Discounted to £250 for those paying privately

Maximum 8 places


“Working with Michelle to identify my Enneagram type was quite simply a game changer.

I gained particular insight into how I could better harness my personality traits to help me with my business, rather than getting caught in the same old loops. Knowing my Enneagram type has helped me understand myself better but also understand others better too.

The Enneagram is a fascinating tool so I will be doing this course myself to gain deeper insight.”

 Grace Galliott – The Natural Health Clinic

Pod Details

Dates// Monday 23. Sept / 7. Oct / 4. Nov / 18. Nov / 9. Dec

Times//  6pm – 8.15 pm

Accompanying you throughout the pod is Michelle Johansen, professional coach on a life-long journey of self-discovery.

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