The art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

“Bring your whole self, not just your best self to work”
– J & G Petrigileri INSEAD

A unique leadership journey for max. 7 people over 1 year

Female Potential is uniquely placed to offer this programme with Cato Johansen MBA MCC, Executive Coach on sought after Leadership Development programmes at INSEAD, rated by the FT as the best business school in the world.

The Leadership Potential Pod is a unique experience, starting with an immersive 2 day workshop co-lead by Michelle and Cato Johansen, before continuing throughout the year with 5 Pod sessions led by Michelle.

Leadership Pods are made up of women from different industries and different career stages who share the learning journey together.

The “Swans” Leadership Pod  have been working together for 3 years. The “Jaguars” Pod started their year-long journey in September 2018.

What makes this leadership journey unique is the bond created between the Pod members and how this supports them to go to new depths of self-reflection, learn through group conversations, and explore unconscious drivers that influence behaviour.

Price for Employer Sponsored Attendees £900 // Price for Personal Payment Attendees £750

Ultimately leadership is a relational skill, thus it’s only by increasing our capacity to work with and through other people that we can truly unlock our leadership potential.

Pod Details

New Dates in the Spring//

Fri 1pm – 7pm
Sat 9am – 5pm

The dates and times for the 5 x two hour Leadership Pod sessions to be held over the following 12 month period will be agreed between the Pod Attendees during the initial weekend.

Location// St Peter Port, Guernsey

Accompanying you throughout the pod is Michelle Johansen, professional coach on a life-long journey of self-discovery.

Due to Cato’s heavy work schedule at present only one Leadership Pod is offered each year.

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