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“In the 15+ years since I originally trained as a Coach, my coaching style has developed to include the many hours of additional training I’ve completed in the Enneagram Personality typology, NLP, Immunity to Change, Systemic Constellations and Voice Dialogue to arrive at the eclectic style I now call my own.”  – Michelle Johansen

Owing to the current pandemic, all coaching sessions are being conducted online via zoom

So many of us struggle on our own, hoping with just a bit more effort we will break through to having one of those golden lives we see splattered across social media! We think we just need to dig in and try a bit harder or maybe get a coach to push us towards our goals ….

But that’s not how real life works!

We neither collude with your inner critics nor push you towards illusive goals. Instead we help you get to the emotions, thoughts and beliefs underneath your current situation. Using novel methodologies we help you identify, understand and move past your unconscious blockers. Then through better understanding of your personality drivers you can be free to create truly supportive goals and new life practises to unlock more of your potential.

Do we have potential to change the world?

Our view is that only by doing our inner work can we develop enough of the inner power necessary to change the systems we are in.

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