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It’s probably an understatement to say that 2020 has been a strange year so far! Life is both far more complex than it has ever been yet on some level also simpler. I woke up one morning with the realisation; I didn’t need a brand anymore!

After all, this is just me offering a collection of services crafted from a lifetime of learning to you!
If I can pass on some of what I have learned and it is of use to you, then I will be happy.

My History

2018 to 2020

In 2018 I set out on a new adventure to discover more of my female potential through setting up Female Potential. My goal was to bring more of myself to the table – including both my “corporate” self and my more “alternative” self. It was a continuation of my 10 year exploration into gender in the workplace. It was an interesting adventure but I came to the realisation that what I had actually been doing all those years was working to resolve the gender imbalance within myself. Once this issue felt reconciled within me, I realised it was time to hand over the batton to others with the energy and fire in their bellies who want to continue the work in this area.  (You can read more about this on the blog if you’re interested.)

2007 to 2017

In 2007 I started work as a Coach having previous trained with CTI; gaining accreditation as an ICF Professional Certified Coach back in 2012. Being a coach is less about what you do for a living and more about setting out on a life-long journey of self-discovery – simply you can’t take a client where you haven’t ventured yourself.

During these years my personal discovery journey took me to train as an Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach, NLP Practioner, Enneagram Practioner, Organisational Systemic Constellator and a Voice Dialogue Facilitator as well as becoming an ongoing student in a Psycho-Spiritual school called the Diamond Approach. (Follow the hyperlinks to see where and with whom I studied) All of these disciplines are woven together to make up my current coaching model.

For 8 of these years, the Women’s Development Forum “WDF” (a not-for-profit I founded, dedicated to supporting women in the corporate world), took up every spare moment of my time. Over the years of operation in Guernsey and Jersey we ran over 120 WDF meetings, with 7000+ attendees. Our style was “friendly, fun and inclusive”, where women networked together as equals while raising awareness of topics pertinent to women in the workplace. During this time, while maybe slightly unconventional, my public face was still very corporate.

But behind the public face, in addition to the above trainings many of which are a bit out there for some people, I’ve also explored as a client – Reiki, Yoga, Chanting, Crystals, Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral, Tarot Cards, Qi Massage, Flotation Tanks, Shen Therapy, Reflexology amongst others – as you may have gathered I enjoy taking an open minded approach to life.

Before 2007

Before I became a coach I spent over 20 years working in the Guernsey finance industry, during which I qualified as a Chartered Secretary and gained an MA with distinction in Strategic HR Management, but never actually worked directly in either of those areas! For 10 of the 20 years I was Director of Operations for an offshore fund administration company and the only female on a board.

I can admit now that I was never very interested in the finance part of my job, it was leading the people that really floated my boat. However at the time, I wasn’t conscious of the now well-known arguments for gender balance, having totally bought into the patriarchal view of how the system operated. It was only after I examined my reasons for self-selecting out of the system that I became aware of the many gender issues hidden in plain sight, which was the catalyst to form the Women’s Development Forum in an attempt to help a younger version of myself.

About Cato

Cato Johansen MBA Master Certified Coach is a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach at INSEAD. Europe’s leading business school based in Paris and Singapore.

Cato brings his expertise from 12 years at INSEAD and 27 years as a Coach to co-lead the Leadership Development workshops. He brings a systems psychodynamic approach to the leadership development.

Cato is currently on faculty for the ICC – INSEAD’s Coaching Certificate Training Programme.

Cato is also a student of the Diamond Approach and has undergone 10 year’s of  training to become a teacher in the school.

We are privileged to have Cato co-facilitate on the leadership modules for Female Potential.

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